Heatcharm - wood Heating - Pedestal

Wood heating Pedestal

We have been proudly manufacturing in Australia for over 35 years. Woodheaters have been the key to our business growth since the mid-1980s. Over the years our manufacturing of Woodheaters has employed hundreds of locals and contributed significantly to the local community – this is something we are extremely proud of.
The acquisition of the Coonara brand in 2001 was made possible due to our earlier success in our contract manufacturing of Woodheaters and we are really excited about the newly introduced technologies that deliver our products with high-efficiency heating. This is a major step in the right direction for our environment.
Of course, none of our success could be achieved without the support and dedication of our fantastic staff. We are a proud
Australian manufacturer and we are proving that locally manufactured products can successfully compete with imported products. Your support is critical in helping keep the Australian manufacturing industry safe. We thank you for your continued support of Australian made heaters. They really are an Aussie icon.

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